Tuesday, May 3, 2016

13 Stations~~ Groom, Texas~~ And A Few Extras : )

These were taken at the same time as the earlier post with the large cross is Groom, Texas....I was there about 12  years ago or so and the only things there were the cross and these bronzes..there are 13 stations...each with a plaque depicting the scene. I have photo's of those as well, if you would like me to post them, let me know.  

There are now buildings, the fountain, the tomb, gift center, very clean restrooms and other wonderful and well cared for things to view at the site.  It is all free...and very beautiful, I found it emotional and thought provoking.  

I had mentioned to Ken before we left Ca, that if we stopped nowhere else....I had to stop here to see the large cross and bronzes again...they are that beautiful!  I was not disappointed.


Terry said...

Please post all the pictures.
I was in Israel a number of years ago on a business trip, Our hosts arranged a car and guide and took us on a tour of Jerusalem, including the Vis Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Words can not express the feeling you get.

Unknown said...

I will put that together as soon as I can and post it for you Terry. Thank you for the interest!

Granny said...

How beautiful, even if you aren't a "believer". Karen has been here a week today. Been running my ass off doing tourista stuff. Diving the
GBR, Daintree rainforest, and Mossman gorge. Tomorrow she will go out alone on a dive boat to complete her dream trip. Two days into her visit my computer decided to have a melt down. Public Holiday meant access to a repair facility was not an option. We needed my lap top to download all of her photos. All fixed now after I had a hissey fit and went out on the balcony to keep from physically attacking the lap top. Karen waited until I was out of range and fixed it. Photos soon!
Are you on the road? Happy trails.

Unknown said...

Good to hear from you Granny, and that you are having such a grand time with Karen! Of course your computer would get wonky now...it's Murphy's Law!! But, daughter to the rescue...I had a moment yesterday that I told Ken to give me the Keys...he said you are not driving..and I thought for just a moment....LOL anyway, We are in TN, off the road and looking at homes and property. I can't wait to see your lovely photos!

Livin to Ride said...

cool stuff

Unknown said...

Thank you Livin. Hope you are doing well!