Monday, May 9, 2016

Mothers Day

Mom, Fina, Me
Mom and Dad.
 You know who.
 Miss Evelyn and Mr. Jack, my parents friends.
My BrotherTim & wife Fina and sons Manuel, and Levi.
 The Men.
Dad and Mr. Jack.
The Mothers.
Good times, family, friends, good food.  Not all the family were there, many were missed.  But we count our blessings for those we have at the time, and pray we will see the others soon.

I hope your day was as lovely as mine was. ; )


Chickenmom said...

Such a beautiful family - thanks for sharing!

Granny said...

Nothing can replace family gatherings. You made it to the other side of the big country, congratulations.
I also have a Toshiba Laptop and agree about the sound quality. Sucko
Karen left yesterday and there is a big hole in my world now.

Unknown said...

I understand Granny. I left my sister and her family in California, and I miss them like crazy@

The upside is that you got to make some wonderful memories with Karen, and those will last forever. Think on those when you get sad, they will surely turn that frown upside down! ; )

Anonymous said...

what a great gathering for a lovely day...thanks for sharing....

vaquero viejo

Unknown said...

Thank you Chickenmom...we did it up country style too...Baked ham, fresh green beans, mustard greens, slices of ripe tomatoes, sweet vidalia onions, roasted red potatoes with mushrooms and spring onions cajun spiced...homemade bread and cornbread...all fresh and scratch...good stuff!