Saturday, May 7, 2016


These are between KY and TN.

 The Mississippi River~Memphis, TN on the left.
Memphis, TN on the left, Little Memphis, AR on the right.

 The Barge on the Mississippi.
Coming into TN, the pyramid building on the right....Ken felt right at home....It's Bass Pro Headquarters!
 Downtown Memphis, Tennessee.

My favorite parts of Tennessee! 


BWBandy said...

I see we have another barn fan.

Terry said...

Or as some of us that lived in the area call it,
Mogadishu on the Mississippi.

Then there is Graceland, Sun Record Studio, great BBQ, FedEx and the BPS you photographed.
Lived in Germantown, just west for 18 years.
Great pics.

Lisa Lane said...

Love old barns...and these were taken once again at 75 mph while going down the freeway. One of these days, I may be able to get Ken to pull over and actually let me take one standing still. : )

Lisa Lane said...

Yes, in fact left out a picture of the Germantown Sorry Terry...but I took a photo today just for you....on Kens if he doesn't steal it and post will recognize it when I do!

Granny said...

At last, the promised land. I have crossed that bridge many times going to grandmas. The Mississippi is truly a mighty river.
So happy for you, Happy Mothers day, and no Texas Ron, that is not half a word.

Lisa Lane said...

Happy Mothers Day to you Granny! Thank You!