Sunday, August 7, 2016


As I sat upon my glider this afternoon reading, and listening to music, Ken came to  the door and told me to check out the hummingbird feeders...he had been watching them from inside.  Sure enough, there were about five little hummingbirds dancing and diving through the air, playing with one another, and stopping for a drink at the feeders we have hanging on the porch.  

I had him go and grab my camera, and I sat quietly and waited for them to come back and just clicked is hard to see them on the camera, so I pointed in the general direction and after 30 minutes and about 50 clicks I came in to see what I captured....: )

 I feel like I should be inserting a soundbite from George Michaels "Freedom" right here~ ; P

They are beautiful little acrobats...and fun to watch close up!  

We did not think they would come up on the porch, but for me to see them, that is where the feeders needed to be...guess they like the music..and of course we are serving their libation of choice!
; P

This is the new birdhouse Dad made, Ken planted a variety of Lilies around it.  It is going to be beautiful come spring!


Chickenmom said...

Wow! Wonderful photographs, Lisa! Aren't these little birds just amazing? If they get used to seeing you, they won't fly away and maybe even sit on your hand!!

BW Bandy said...

Very nice. They can get territorial with other hummingbirds. They are great to watch.

Terry said...

Fantastic pictures!!! I was never able to get any of that quality. They aren't playing, they are fighting over the feeders. If they get really aggressive they might even fall to the ground locked in combat. They will leave in early October and return early April. We had feeders when we lived in west Tennessee and loved watching them. It was always a contest with a friend in N. Mississippi to see who saw them first in the spring. He always won since he was further South.
We fed the goldfinches and other birds also. (Boids for Chickenmom). The goldfinches ate thistle seed from a special "sock".
The goldfinches stay over the winter but loose their golden color.
But you probably knew all that.
Do you have bluebirds also?

Granny said...

Stop it! Between yourself and Chicken Mom you are making me homesick. That is a high tech version of the old olive jar and some ribbon that we used to have last century to attract hummingbirds. The Country touch of the an old Whippletree is nice too.

Lisa Lane said...

The feeders are only about 6 ft. from where I sit on the porch, so they are pretty close. It would be very cool if they got comfy with me and sat on my hand!

There were five of them zooming in and around three different feeders...they seemed to be bombing each other out of the you appear to be correct Terry and BW. I hope they don't hurt each other...I have plenty of the juice to go around! LOL

I haven't seen any goldfinches yet Terry, or bluebirds...but lots of Cardinals and Robins. Dad has the finches. I have put out suet for Woodpeckers and think I hear some, but have yet to see any. I have binoculars on the ready who knows....I may see something new yet!

Lisa Lane said...

Oh Granny, come on over and have a cup of coffee and watch the boids with me! I have some wonderful new coffee! ; P Have a post about it in the morning...Thank you!

drjim said...

Great job, Miss Lisa!

We used to have a humming bird feeder, BUT the bees and ants discovered it, and would drain the liquid out of it in about TWO HOURS!

It had so many bees clinging to it you couldn't see the feeders, nd the trail of ants to/from it looked like the 405 freeway at rush hour.

I took some pix of the little guys when we went to Pikes Peak two years ago. If I can dig them up I'll post them for you.

Lisa Lane said...

Thank you drjim! I would love to see your photos. I don't really know what I capture until I get the card in the computer and blow them up...and I find I am pleasantly surprised.

So far we have been lucky, no bees or ants. I am allergic to bees so that would not be a good thing.

I am amazed at how much these little birds can drink! Lushes...LOL ; )

Granny said...

Hooray! You got your secret supply. Enjoy my friend, and thanks for the photos of natures never ending fascination. You have Hummingbirds, I have Fruit bats, and various parrots. We shall share a 'cuppa tomorrow morning.

Barbar Cat said...

Nice captures, Lisa! I caught a little cutie some years back visiting my window boxes. They're such little delights!

Lisa Lane said...

Barbar Cat, they are wpmderful, I find myself laughing at their antics...diving, soaring and bombing each other...and the sound of their wings grabs my attention. Another blessing to count!