Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ideas For The Yard

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk!
spilled milk flowers:):

A bowl I was going to sell at a yard sale....but now it's going to be a Bird Bath!
Yard Ornaments - Repurposed old bud vases, candy dishes:

We started making this today....I hope they like their new house!

Coming Soon!
No link.... inspiration only.:

This looks like a fun project!
Cute idea if you have a tree stump in your yard:

I have made the bowling ball art in California.  The balls are cheap to pick up at yard sales. 
Image result for Bowling ball yard art

Image result for Bowling ball yard art


Chickenmom said...

Wonderful use of that bowl, Lisa - your boids are going to love it! (and those ladybugs are just so darn cute!) :o)

BW Bandy said...

I really like the birdbath ideas.

Granny said...

Oh those are lovely. I'm a bit worried about the coffee pot bird house getting too hot if it is in the sun.
The bowling ball art is clever.

Lisa Lane said...

Hanging in a tree, in the shade for that very reason Granny. ; ) I made another out of a camp's a condo...I'll post later on it. ; )

hiswiserangel said...

That bowl wouldn't last a Texas summer.
But it sure is purty.