Monday, February 15, 2016

Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing


Livin to Ride said...

i figured you'd find that one... lol

my ride is posted

Irish said...

Hi Lisa, let me know what you would be interested in and I can send along some ideas for music. I definitely am into the classic rock 60s and 70s although my tastes can range from new age to progressive to smooth jazz :)


Lisa Lane said...

Hey Irish, I am wide open when it comes to music....the only real complaint I have ever received is that I play a lot of newer music, and not enough big band/swing era, but mainly newer...and I like anything with the exception of heavy rap and techno lmao and that Divo guess for me, I feed off of the introduction of something new is a major turn on especially if I like it...cause then I go a digging, and see what else I can find...I am really looking for ways to get people to participate into sharing their anything you want....and obviously, I can play some things that are a bit "off" to some....trying to shake em up a anything...lay it on me! I thank you...more than you will ever know!