Monday, February 29, 2016

I Took Another Walk In The Woods Today....

Want to come along, and see what I saw?
I stood there, and looked up and turned in a circle and took these photo's.

Then I walked a little and found some larger of them looked like a skull to me...can you see it too?

They say moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone....looks like "they" are right!
So as I was tripping through the woods thinking...Hey there Little Red Riding  not really..lmao..but I was keeping my eye out for the Big Bad Wolf or Papa Bear...I didn't want to run into either one of them! ; P 
Anywho...I took a few pictures of other things...and here they are...

So that was my four tranquil, nature loving days, spent with a very special couple and I enjoyed every minute of it!  Some of the time, I had earphones in my ears and at others I let the birds sing to me, and the forest floor speak as I walked through it's needle cushioned carpet.

We enjoyed wonderful conversation, much laughter, an array of gourmet food...and a pillow soft bed, my eyes opening to the sunshine and the tree filled rooftops, no utility poles, no satelite dishes......much like I dream of our home being in Tennessee.  


BWBandy said...

Great post! I like the new look of the blog.

Unknown said...

Thank you BW...I REALLY appreciate that!