Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ballad of Stringbean & Estelle

Sam Bush wrote and recorded this song. It deals with the the grisly murder of a very popular Grand Ole Opry star and his wife. I saw "Bean" at the old Rhyman about '72-73. I was about eight or nine. My parents had an old VW pop-up camper and we stayed in the KOA which is still going just north of The Opryland Hotel. Anyhow a very haunting song. The surviving Brown "boy" was turned loose from prison just recently. I thought I'd never see the day, but in the strange times, anything is possible. Jeffery

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taminator013 said...

That is one sad story. I remember him from "Hee Haw". I also use to watch a program called "City Confidential" and they documented the story of his murder. If I remember correctly, his friend and neighbor Grandpa Jones found the bodies.


It may be a bit of a surprise to Miss Lisa that I watched Hee Haw as an older teen and young adult since I make fun of her hillbilly music all the time. Yeah, at that age I was madly in love with Misty Rowe and Marianne Gordon, but I also liked the music. Those guys could really play. It was fascinating to me to watch Stringbean and Grandpa strumming the banjoes. I wish I had that kind of talent. And the down home humor always cracked me up. Call BR-549. Classic. Nothing complicated, nothing topical. Just pure silliness. Made me laugh and forget about the troubles of the day. I always enjoyed the Buck Owens and Roy Clark tunes, too. Especially Buck. I miss those days.......................