Thursday, February 18, 2016

Goodbye Beautiful Day~~Kids Cover 46 and 2 by Tool / O'Keefe Music Foundation

WOW...LOVE this Irish....thank you!!!

This is simply AMAZING!!!! KIDS ROCK! Thank you Irish for sharing these with us....Very nice selections...I'd love to snag your Ipod!


Anonymous said...

Man I love that Tool cover.

Try these

Thoughtful retrospective, excellent live performance, and a luscious recording:

Back in the mid 70's me and a buddy went to the Roxy to catch this band.

We got there early to buy tickets and were drafted by their road manager "Baas Bach" Baggerman to haul equipment. Saw both shows for free and hung out with the band afterward for pizza and beer.
Quite a night.
We went to the Strip often, and saw a lot of great acts- Lou Reed, W. Zevon, Roy Buchanan, Taj Mahal, Big Joe Turner, John Lee Hooker, Etta James, Oingo Boingo, Stan Ridgeway, Missing Persons, X were standouts.


Lisa Lane said...

You lucky dog you....I have a short story about Golden Earring...back in the day...when I was young...and dated a really attractive man on a motorcycle..for about a year....and our song was Radar Love...Mike was his name...He spray painted Radar Love on a blue....and hung it in our much info? It was really a romantic gesture for my biker back then....well I thought so anyway. I kept that sheet for a long time, and the memory, obviously for longer. Thanks for the jingle of the bell. : )

Anonymous said...

That video is a few years old (42 and 6) The girl singing was 11 at the time. The drummer was 13. The girl on keyboard was 14. The oldest one in the studio was the guy on the black GB--he was 17 at the time, the youngest was 8.(the sticks) Sorry I can't remember their names (I'll blame it on my "Chemo brain")--Ray

Lisa Lane said...

Ray, those kids I hope are still Rockin somewhere...because they are seriously talented! Are you ok? How you doin!

Anonymous said...

Yeh not too bad. My thyroid is fried. But other than that not bad for a guy told that he had less than a year to live in 2008 and again in 2009. I am now six years out from "end of treatment" of a cancer so deadly that I am one of only 500?(it was 533 last year but several didn't make it) men world wide to survive it, and one of only a handful of known "two timers"(maybe ten?) The damn thing doesn't even have a name. Just letters and numbers. It only attacks men over 40 and the death rate is 99.9999% in the first six months. All I can say is that it was one hell of a fight, and I hope its over. I don't think I could face that again.---Ray

Lisa Lane said...

Well Bless your heart! You must be one ornery guy...keep givin em hell...with the help of the Good Lord! Glad your here now for me to converse with! Man, it really is all about perspective isn't it.

I know for me...laughter...even at myself...and often times ribald...gets me through..can't help it..just how my brain is wired... good to have you here Ray!