Sunday, February 21, 2016

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass


Sarthurk said...

Oh, this is totally awesome! Why does this remind me? I was 14 years young. A country boy from western Oregon, flying to St. Louis to travel with my Aunt and Uncle to South central NY, and stay at a home on a lake my mother spent her childhood at. Fishing every day for a month by myself. A neighbor girl with a "sunfish"? sailboat who taught me how to sail it. She couldn't stay, but I took it out by myself. Not enough wind.

I think I remember listening to this while traveling north from SL towards Wisconsin where I saw and caught my first and only lightning bugs.

And then there was the biker gang on the Pennsylvania turnpike being chased by a bunch of cops. My nerd uncle about had a coronary. I thought it was cool! Bikers going everywhere. Cop cars going confused. I just now realize that my aunt was an awesome woman.

Anyway, I haven't heard this music for a long time, and it's nice to have some memory flashes.

Beware, the full moon is upon us. I ended up in the ER on three full moons in a row once. But that's another story.

Lisa Lane said...

And you see, another reason I love music, it evokes such happy memories. Sounds like that was quite a trip!

Your memory reminded me of catching fireflies for the first time as well, in Kentucky, poking holes in the lid of a jar, and taking it up to my room when I went to bed, to see them

I missed the biker chase darn it! But I had a couple really cook aunts! ; )

Lisa Lane said...

Umm, that's cool aunts...but had some that were cooks too..: )