Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Minnie's In The Money

**This is a long playing about 26 videos, mainly Benny Goodman, I enjoyed it greatly...hope you do as well.


willysgoagruff said...

My Great Uncle Bob played with Pete Fountain...check out Pete with Al Hirt....then you'll do a whole spectrum of Al Hirt...after Pete....I met Pete after a concert as a child, but what the fuck did I know?....this site is beautiful and morphing daily...THANK YOU!...Willy

Lisa Lane said...

Awww Willy, that was really sweet of you, thank you very much! I appreciate you stopping in! Am a little familiar with Mr. Fountain...and I will be bringing him round...I'll be sure to include Mr. Hirt as well, thanks for the input, I can use all I can get! : )