Friday, February 12, 2016

Seems To Me.....Black Lives Do Matter....In This Instance...Funny That Yeah?

Oh wait, Mr. Sharpton has never incited a riot or anything like that has he?...especially against any kind of government entity...That's right....gotta get ALL my facts straight.

**Let me state clearly, that I believe ALL lives DO matter, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation.  I am a lover not a fighter....but clearly there is an injustice please understand I am not promoting hate, at all, I am trying to portray obvious injustice, of the laws our government selectively choose to persecute as well as selectively choose to ignore, and who they are commited by.  My question I suppose is what is the difference between these two men, that one is in jail, and one is free to roam about the country....THAT is injustice.

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