Thursday, February 18, 2016

That's Alright~~Blues In A

Once again, I took them from Livin to Ride, thanks friend! These two kept playing song after song...and they were so so good, I just let it keep going....I love me some Blues!


Wrekreation said...

Keep on introducing me to new things. Thanks

Found this last night on a TV show soundtrack (Shazam is the app, Blacklist is the show)

Still undecided on it, just a pinch slow for first thing in the morning, but was a nice slow down for a busy day.

Lisa Lane said...

That is what I was hoping for with this blog. I have found new artists, music, from people sending in their I am happy to be passing that along! Puts a smile on my face, first thing in the morning knowing it's working both ways. ; )

I like this song...not to slow...nice first cuppa joe song, work the kinks outta your neck..sip and and be soothed....I'd say it's a keeper! Thank you! Have a super day!