Sunday, March 6, 2016

Del & Dawg Live

It was suggested to me that I might try my hand at reviewing an album, as opposed to or in conjunction with playing individual videos.  So of course I chose to tackle giants right out of the gate.

Del McCoury and David Grisman have collaborated on this authentic piece of Americana,  and they stacked the deck...performing an amazing collection of 27 songs.

Mr. Grisman was gracious enough to entertain us with not only his musical talent but his ability to welcome the younger generation into the world of Bluegrass, praise them even, and with his humor educated his listener with stories of their past and some of the history of Bluegrass along the way. 

All the twangs, intricacies, skips, picks and swings that you can only hope for, were aplenty. Mr. Del McCoury a banjo player, hired as a rythm guitar player with, well....I'll let him tell you the story when you listen....and he is quite  a story teller himself.

I was imagining sitting in a rocker on my front porch on a warm evening,  with Ken, Charlie and Lucy at our feet.  A tall glass of fresh squeezed lemonade, moisture running down the sides, (libations of another nature in the flask)  sitting  listening to this record play, a backgammon board between us, an occasional cricket chirping...and I'd be calling it a wonderful evening! This album is a walk through the past, like visiting your Granny at the's comfortable, a warm fun place to be.

Rated 7 Cranks of the old gramophone.


BWBandy said...

Love the rating scale. Very creative!

Lisa Lane said...

Thanks BW!