Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Good Morning Giggle.....(Language)...; P


Anonymous said...

Naw, Crazy is when the 80 year old widows boy friend breaks up with her and she throws a dead cat up on his porch.(my wife's mom) Or when the local prison rat told 76 year old "granny" "you better run you old bitch" At which point Granny walked up to the pickup. Shoved her .32 special S&W up his nose. Dragged his ass out the window. THREW him across the dirt road into the ditch, picked up an oak limb and beat the living shit out of him till SHE got tired of it. Then drew herself up to her full 5ft. 4in. pissed off moonshiners child stature and said to her grandson(Me) "don't never take no lip offa trash" I'm from "up the holler" in eastern Ky. I didn't know women came any other way till I was 19---Ray

Lisa Lane said...

That's an awesome story Ray! No wonder you are so tough!!! LOL