Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm Shipping Up To Boston~~Rose Tattoo~~Chips~~One last Drink~~Perfect Song

Thank you Jason for sharing these with us, I wish I had received your message before late last night, I would have posted them for St. Patrick's Day. Super selections! Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

The Real Mackenzies


Jason said...

I am glad you got some enjoyment out of them. I keep hoping that my daughter, who plays the violin, gets to be as good as the violinist from Enter the Haggas. For a couple other European bands you could try Rammstein (which I am sure you have heard of already, industrial metal from Germany) and definitely listen to Volbeat's Counting. Some of their songs kind of sound rock-ish/country to me I do not have my daughter's ear for music so I am probably wrong. She cannot have that great of an ear though because she doesn't like any of the 70's, 80's, 90's or rock music I try to point out to her.

Oh, and I found the picture of the fish my father caught back in 1980. I told Wirecutter if I came across it I would try to send it to him. He probably doesn't remember but I will try to get it scanned in and linked to you so you can get him to look at it.

Lisa Lane said...

Jason, I am not surprised that your daughter doesn't get into that music...I mean, it's my music and I love it, but there is sooooo much more out there to discover why listen to the same things all the time? I get classics, and listen to them..I never turn on a it's always music. But I like finding things I have never heard before, and new sounds too. girls gotta stick together.. I bet she plays beautifully.

I most certainly will he sees the photograph. I remember you telling about it. It will be my pleasure Jason.

Thanks again for sharing with us, and yes I have heard Rammstein, but not Volbeat's I will be giving them a listen.

Jason said...

She likes that pop music/hip hop/rap stuff. I'll listen to almost anything but do not like the rap and I am not much into country but will tolerate it depending on who I am with. It is what the kids these days listen to I suppose. She does play really good and learning the scale on the violin has helped her so much that she has semi taught herself how to play the piano (not real well but she can duplicate some of the easier songs) and the ukulele.

Here is a link to that picture:

That is a chinook salmon (in Alaska they are called king salmon). This was caught in the summer in the Santiam River at Waterloo in Lebanon, OR. The fish broke his pole so he borrowed his friend's and it took him 1.5 hours before we even saw the fish, 2.5 hours to land it. It was 39.5 lbs and 49.5 inches long. He caught this fish on 8lb test line. To get an idea on how far this fish had to travel look at this:

It swam from the ocean through the Columbia River, through the Willamette River through the Santiam River to the little dot that says Lebanon. For most of this travel the fish does not eat and lives off of its fat so at the ocean this would have been a very big fish. As far as I know this is the biggest fish caught during this time of the year at this location (of course I could be wrong on that).