Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Mrs. Obama, sang a line from a song yesterday, when asked a question by Queen Latifah at the SXSW  Event in Austin, Texas.  Here is the link to the article... Hustle Is A Political Act: Michelle Obama's SXSW Keynote Shifted The Spotlight

And here is the link so that you can hear her ummm vocal expressions... I could not hear the question asked....AHEM.... She Breaks Out In Song

I guess for me...the thing is Not going to be hard to say Goodbye To Yesterday...when her and her husband are no longer in Residence.  That will actually be a good day.  So I found humor in this... : ) 

And let me be clear, Yes, I voted for him his first term...I was all for Hope and Change...but my hope has been swindled and the change has been for the worse...NO I did NOT vote for him, his second term.  I for one (of many) will be happy To Say Goodbye To Yesterday!

p.s.  In all honesty and fairness...I could not even read the entire can if you like, and berate me for being harsh or laughing at a touching moment, if it was...I care : P

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