Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Johnny Be Good...Suzy Is Too!

Chuck berry - Johnny Be Good 1958

Chuck berry - Johnny Be Good 1958Dance Swing Boogie-Woogie ( Rock n' Roll )

Posted by Bycecey on Monday, March 7, 2016


Terry said...

Great song and a great video. Brings back memories.

Lisa Lane said...

Did you dance like that? That fast on your feet? That is style ALL the way! I dig watching this.
So glad you liked it. : )

Terry said...

My computer keeps eating my comments. I hope this isn't a duplicate.
Yes we did dance like that but it was a long, long ago and I wasn't that good. I sent this to Brock at Free North Carolina since he likes that style of dancing also.

Lisa Lane said...

I don't even notice anything above the knees really, I can't take my eyes off their feet...You could still cut a pretty good rug, I would venture to say. Happy that you found something to share with someone, feel free to send him my way.