Friday, March 11, 2016

Keith Emerson R I P

Rock star Keith Emerson's death is now being investigated as a suicide after he was found with one gunshot wound to the head, according to a report. 

On Friday, Santa Monica Police confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that they are investigation the injury as self-inflicted   

The rest of the story here---->>>>
 Rock Star Keith Emerson Gone At 71


Thank you fang for the email! I appreciate that very much sir. ; )


drjim said...

ELP is in my Top 5 favorite bands!

Unknown said...

It really is drjim. ; (

Sedition said...

I have to admit...I shed a tear or two when I found the "Lucky Man" video.
I spent many nights writing a fantasy novel in high school with that song playing in the background.

Unknown said...

I, and many others can relate Sedition. The loss is felt by many...I was reading last night about when he and Bowie first met...Bowie would not shut up, and was a young one had heard of him yet....There is one rockin band in heaven! Also that Lemmy was their Road Manager for a while, baaack in the day...can you imagine...he took no hostages is I believe how it was, I can only imagine them hangin out together now...can you picture all the greats up there...just WOW!