Thursday, March 17, 2016

Knuckledraggin....Wirecutter.....Ken.....The Love Of My Life

My husband has been writing his blog for a few years now, I think 8...and he has a great readership. He is a wonderful writer, has a way with words, and is an excellent story teller. 

One of the things I first liked about him was his ability to talk, and tell me a story. To take a drive and tell me the history of an area, or a building, or of the barbed wire stretched along a fence line for miles...where one type would stop and be spliced with another, what year it was made, type of tool get the picture.  He was full of useless (to me), yet entertaining information and he completely charmed me. He took me to the foothills and showed me old toll roads, and wagon stops, and old homesteads that there was nothing left of but the foundations. He cared about maintaining the history of his home. It was pretty the same 

time...he had that kind of country boy humor going on.  I mean how could I resist right?  I didn't stand a chance.  He also let me play any music I wanted in his truck....anything, and didn't complain once....not a single time.  Now, he picks the music in the truck, always...wonder why that is? hmmmm.....

As we got to know one another, we discovered both our fathers were Viet Nam Vets, his father serving 2 tours, mine 3...he lived in Germany, I lived in Japan.....a set of Grandparents each lived 3 blocks from one another when we were growing up...I walked by his Grandfathers house every summer day to go swimming at the Red my bikini....but I don't remember him, and he doesn't remember me.... I can't even believe that's

I was married before, and my first husband and I owned a was about 1/2 a block from his friend Randy's house...the one he just wrote about on his blog....I worked in a local mini market during that time and he shopped there often...but I didn't know him then, and he didn't know me....

We can say a name of someone we used to know back in the day, and the other knows that person as well...but we never met...I figure at some point, somewhere, we must have just missed each other.

It's funny how life works out like that...I divorced my husband, worked for a school district for 10 years then decided it was time to get my sons away from the gangs and craziness in the valley and moved to Tennessee where I lived for over 15 years, made a life for myself and my sons, sold real estate, wrote mortgages.....made a good life...and then my little world crumbled. I don't want to go into the details at this time....but the end result is that I had to come back to California, and I did not want to....but coming back to California...brought me to Ken.

I used to go to the Library every Saturday morning, grab enough reading material to last a week...I was staying with my sister, had just gotten out of a wheelchair after a year....and I used her car on Saturday mornings, grabbed a Starbucks and did the Public Library...exciting life of Lisa.  I had noticed Ken  there before, smiled did he.....then one day, I had a pretty good stack of books and he offered to take them to the checkout...I let him, it was often awkward, I limped badly, and used a cane.  We started talking....the next thing I knew....we decided on having coffee and playing a game of backgammon...the rest as they history.

Now, I know that with all his rough edges....he is one of the kindeest, most considerate men I have ever met in my life.  I also know he is a proud man. 

He has done well on his blog, and while being told "You write that book, we will buy it!"....I don't think he really believes I think, and this is my opinion, I am not clearing this with him, prior to posting,....he doesn't clear his with me...: ) But I think, this sticker idea is like a trial run for him...he wants to see if there really is an interest out there.  Also in all honesty, as a man, he is concerned with the fact that for the first time in 35 years he will be unemployed ....and he takes care of me...he takes that quite seriously.....but I never doubt him or his ability...we have saved, we are Pre Qualified for our home loan, so we are in an ok position, but he feels he needs to do this, so I support him....Gosh I love that man so.  

So, if you are so inclined, and you do have interest in his Stickers and his Writing a Book and or possibly Tshirts, please go to the link.... I Love This Man and let him know.....he can do this.  He will succeed. I believe in him.....and I believe his readership does as well.  

Thank you all for taking the time to read my little story....seems I tell more and more of myself as the days go by....not sure how to continue blogging without doing so. Thank you all for your kindness and your support.

p.s. Ken is not lazy, nor is he shiftless, he does not come home late at night....unless he has been fishing, or coyote hunting.....but the song says to me, that regardless of what others think...I can't help, but love that man of mine....Just thought I would clear that up....oh....and when there is work to be done...he works along side me....or tells me to sit down. Thanks again for taking the time to listen.


BWBandy said...

Charming story. I would never have thought of the two of you playing backgammon. I hope his project is wildly successful.

Lisa Lane said...

We play all kinds of games, he builds a fire, we break open a game board or cards...maybe a drink or two, and I proceed to sometimes he wins...lmao! I like to play board games..: )

hiswiserangel said...

You two are my favorite couple.
I'm proud of you and a little envious.

Lisa Lane said...

Thank you HWA....but really there is no need for envy...nothing is perfect, as you know...but we love one another...and some days are harder than Such is life! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, thanks for sharing this. You are a treasure.
Kenny is one of very few people I would be honored to call "Bro."
Especially since so many of my contemporaries have moved away or passed on...We share similar interests and perspectives.
I believe his commentaries are worthy of publication- they are too good to be allowed to pass into oblivion. His efforts have inspired me to attempt similar expositions with varying success.

I am proud to know the both of you, and wish you all the best.

Stay happy, my friends!

=T. Wrangler=

Lisa Lane said...

=T.W.=, I thank you for your kind words. I must admit that it is people just like you that make blogging like this, sharing of ones self worthwhile. Playing things close to the chest is much safer...but there is a freedom in being received with such gracious respect. Thank you and sincerely, I think you are the treasure!