Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Walking Yesterday, Thinking Of My Crazy Cousins Saturday

My crazy cousins...All Lady Flowers...how they have blossomed over the years into such wonderful women.  It was an evening filled with lots of laughter and memories I will cherish always.  I found this sunflower on my walk...and it caused me to reflect on the party Saturday night, and all the laughter we shared.

This song, I taught my grandchildren, and we sing it together....but I think it applies here as well. ; )
p.s.  Jessie, my granddaughter, when she was 2-3 used to put her hand behind her back, like she was hiding it when I would sing, Please don't take my sunshine away...then Meme would frown and she would smile big and throw her little arms around my neck! That is happiness!!


Chickenmom said...

Family - that's all that really matters - isn't it? :o)

Unknown said...

It sure is!