Saturday, March 12, 2016


I am an Annie Lennox fan...that's a given, but this song...first time I heard from the other room arms in the air, dancing for all I am worth...crank it and rank it!  

L o v i n  IT!

The entire album is delicious...Ms. Lennox does NOT dissapoint!


drjim said...

I used to listen to the Eurythmics a lot, but never any of her solo work.

When I worked for Sea Launch, the guys in the photo department would make us a nice souvenir DVD of videos and photos taken during each launch, and they were extremely well done, with a matching soundtrack.

One of the missions used "Sweet Dreams" for a segment, and it was just amazing.

I'll see if I can dig that one out and sneak it on YouTube....

Unknown said...

I think she is a powerhouse in both roles, a particular inner self awareness shows in her newer works, and that hasn't dulled, but deepened her.
I would love to see that drjim! I tried making a video on Youtube and didn't do so well. I am a bit tech challenged. : ) But I play the occasional good song! Hope you find it.