Friday, March 1, 2013

Beautiful and Heartbreaking

I feel such a sense of loss looking at this picture...I can see it's former glory, and yet it truly looks like... They Just Left
Where did they go?
The Sound of Silence


Dusty Trail said...

some real craftsmanship went into the woodwork, do you have a date?
turn of the century(1900)

hiswiserangel said...

Such beauty and painstaking craftsmanship. Rarely seen these days. I'm with you, heartbreaking. Wanna refinish that buffet with me?

Unknown said...

Yeah Yeah!!!! : )You are on HWA!
And no sorry I do not have any other information on them...I was just struck by the beauty.

taminator013 said...

Where did they go....and why? Makes you feel sad.

hiswiserangel said...

I just saw the two pigs on the shelf! Love them, I collect piggies.