Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ken's New Adventure

Because we are looking at property with acreage, it is necessary that Ken will be using a riding lawn mower.  Dad has been telling him about the benefits of a Zero Turn vs. a Standard Drive (I guess that's what you call it) mower.  Well my darling hubby has finally experienced a Zero Turn, and I got to capture.....the rapture!! : P 

 Anyone want to guess which he wants???

Look closely, because yes everyone....that's right....Another smile!!!

The Whispers (Long Playing) The Moments

Paperback Writer

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OOOHHHH I Wish I Was......

"The Democrats in the USA need to do something to get on track and counter Donald Trump. Something bold since Clinton is failing and will likely be indicted. She should immediately be replaced by Al Franken with Anthony Weiner as his running mate resulting in the Franken - Weiner candidacy."

The Searchers (Long Playing) The Tremeloes

Olivia Newton-John (Long Playing) Captain & Tennille

You Send Me X 6

Good Morning

Monday, May 23, 2016

Gretchen Wilson (Long Playing)

A Redneck Girl

Good Morning

The End Of The Yard Sale Adventure

So we drove around looking for more yard sales...and found beautiful countryside...

And more barns...

 And Silos...

And pastures and fields...

 Then, our last yard sale...and they had horses!.....among other things, I found a rather pretty pair of silver earrings....

Then we stopped for dinner, you know who, after  a Rib Eye, 2 orders of Fries, and salad bar, OH and 4 slices of Texas Toast and 2 ...yup count em folks..2 Cokes!...LOL

Now for the drive home!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hwy 52 Yard Sale

 I just dig this!

 Ken's major purchase of the day, NOT his only...just his major!

 I would have liked the conveyors wheel, but someone beat me to it...I know...whatcha gonna do?

 A certain couple who stops by here likes Alan....I thought of you two!

 The older gentleman here with Ken told me "the old woman he shacks up with" makes the pickles and preserves....and they are "deeeeelicious"....and after sampling a bread and butter pickle, I politely commented to him...."I can see why you shack up with her!"....His cheeks got red to say the least....and then he busted out a guffaw that was really quite refreshing and had me laughing too!


 Please understand, that Ken does not yard sale...so the look on his face.....

Some setups were really large, and I didn't take a picture one....I shopped, others were very small...Notice the gentleman's T shirt....
I'm Just Like You.

I cannot see the rest...can you tell me?

All in all is was a rather fun way to spend the day...we did not do the 100 miles...maybe 25, but there were many funny conversations with strangers, interesting things to see, a little haggling, holding hands and smiles all the day...I say it was a success!