Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cotton Jenny~~Put Your Hand In The Hand~~Wintery Feeling~~Tennessee Waltz


Terry said...

Just a few more months and you can be dancing to the Tennessee Waltz with Ken in Tennessee. Bwahahahaha If you can get him to dance.
Post the video!.
Just don't let some hussy steal him. :-)
Love her singing.

Unknown said...

I would really have to set him up to get a video....but I'm not worried about a hussy...not his She does have a beautiful voice!

BWBandy said...

"Cotton Jenny" is a personal favourite. Gordon Lightfoot wrote it and I have heard his version. Anne does it better.

Unknown said...

I agree, started to post Gordon Lightfoot's version as well..but nawww....not a big fan of his...and Anne is left it at that. Thanks for the suggestions tho, I was out wandering in the woods this weekend..