Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Open Position~~~The Great Swami!

We have an opening for the position of The Great Swami, seems ours has run no longer visiting our humble abode....therefor...we need a replacement, and I am not quite sure it can be done.

You must be very knowledgeable regarding music, posses a keen wit, and a sharp response time. Your span of music must travel many we have had past experience of greatness, this position will be quite demanding. You must be respectful, and be able and willing to tolerate my ribald and often times crude sense of humor...knowing that my heart and intentions are pure and honest.

Please feel free to apply with a brief description of what you can bring to the table....this is a long term hit it and quit its....

I love music, but I often times get stuck on something that just feels good to me, and I certainly don't have the knowledge that someone with the background that our previous Swami a DJ, and just life and music history that I don't posses...that added mmmph that can make this little blog something really special.

I must tell you in all honesty, if perhaps our past Great Swami t013 were to return, and just step back into those incredibly large shoes....I would be filled with pleasure.

Thank you for your prompt attention in this most important of matters.  You all have a great day now, ya hear!


hiswiserangel said...

I can send Max out as a one-dog search party.
He's got a keen sense of smell and dogged persistence.

Unknown said...

Nawww, I appreciate the offer...I will be ok, eek my way through...the masses will have to suffer with my meager offerings though...sniff : P

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not qualified- my tastes are too limited, and there is a lot of music I won't listen to. But I have enjoyed sharing here, and conversating with you and t013.
I doubt if any one person can be a Music Swami- maybe a collaboration would suffice. If so, I am happy to contribute suggestions and opinions as they occur to me.

Herewith, a couple for your consideration:

Govt Mule live at Saenger
Another Monster. Of particular note Denson's solo, and Warren's explosive Santana-ish lead break following.

Michael Dowdle
You tell me!

Unplanned acoustic set

Lisa these may generate some comments. I hope the links work.


Unknown said...

=T.W.=, I actually thought of you as I wrote the post, although I know t013 is irreplaceable...I do feed off of the participation of others...

I have enjoyed your offerings in the past, and I wondered what your background was...musical education perhaps? Just curious..I happily and greatfully accept your assistance.

I thank you kindly! I don't want to bore others, and I love to hear music that is new to me, as well as the "oldies".

I do hope that our friend taminator013 is doing ok...he is in our prayers as he has not been heard from at either.

I am checking out those links now...thank you for sharing and I look forward to bouncing music back and forth!

Thanks =T.W.=!