Monday, September 5, 2016

Chicken, Liquor & Guns

Ken and I took a drive to Bowling Green, Kentucky today, and dangit, I forgot my camera....there were so many things I wanted to take a picture of....I am going to hook it to my purse (my american express camera~~don't leave home without it!). 

 Anyway....our GPS...well it um has a sense of humor and we saw things that just cracked us up....Like ...
Chicken, Liquor and Guns ; P  
God Bless America....Especially The South!

How bout Willie Lonus one point, I wanted Ken to stop and knock on a door and ask for Willie and see if Willie would loan us some directions....LMAO...he refused...Ken that is. 

All in all, we had a few good laughs...just to go to Sam's Club...but our drive made me want to hear Jason Aldeans "Dirt Road Anthem"... because the GPS took us off was great....we even had to cross creeks with no bridges...: )
What a great way to get to town!
...And back home!

This isn't country is it?  I mean, I like it...but it's not  It's not new, but I just found it.
 Commets welcome!


BWBandy said...

No bridges? Are no roads next?

Unknown said...

Ahhh, country livin' just doesn't get any better than that!