Saturday, October 22, 2016

Obama Signs Executive Order...Correction!

***While I normally check Snopes...I admittedly did not on this one...I apologize.  I received a comment stating that it is indeed incorrect.  (Thank you Kevin.) So I went to Snopes and sure is FALSE!  Thank goodness!  

I guess, my not doing so is a sign of how disgusted I am with the current administration.  With that being said, I still do not post inaccurate information.  

The Pledge of Allegiance is alive and well.  


drjim said...


This POS is trying his best to ruin our beloved country with every breath he takes....

Unknown said...

I am in agreement sir!

Elmo said...

Lisa- I think this story is from a bogus website. I believe Elias Alias at Oath Keepers ran an "ABCnews" story a while back and soon had to retract it with an apology.

If this story were true I have a feeling there would be people ready to storm the White House with torches and pitchforks, ready to remove the Asshat-in-Chief by his ears.

Another tip off is that we all know these clowns blew town a while back to go home and try to get re-elcted. Besides, they're all to lazy to work on a Saturday anyway.


Jesse in DC said...

Lisa, Snopes is actually a couple of Leftists... They are NOT reliable at all. Try Fact

Jesse in DC

Unknown said...

Jesse in DC...thank you...I guess I am way behind the times! Thank you sir!