Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Don't Stay In School

Thoughts anyone?


Granny said...

That young man is right.
After the Apocalypse we few that are left will gravitate towards being small villages, or clans.
The children will be taught by the adults to do what the kids need to know.
Meanwhile the kids are stuck in school, (learning to bar press for M&Ms) and are bored rigid with useless information that has no relevance to their lives.
Email this to every school board in America.

Matt said...

Just a thought: I had a kid recite trivia of animals in Brazil. I had no clue about the items presented. That is when I realized that the schools were teaching trivia and calling it "education." What better way to maintain control of a population than have that population dependent upon those with knowledge as the population has none. When I hand 2 pennies to a checker, that person if younger has a hard time calculating the resulting coin. The lack of ability to think seems to be the present goal of schooling. After all, if you had able independent thinkers, controlling the electorate would be very messy.

Chief Nose Wetter said...

Public education is about mass indoctrination and obedience than critical thinking. Students are being trained as obedient workers. Just smart enough to turn the knobs and flip the switches to keep society moving. The Constitution and Bill of Rights is not even taught at depth within the school system. The whole educational system has been captured by the cultural Marxists.

Anonymous said...

If you control education, you can control the future, by distorting the past.