Tuesday, April 4, 2017

You Can Do Magic!

I was going to try this on Ken....think I should??


pigpen51 said...

Miss Lisa, I am so ashamed. I have been away for it seems like years. I happened on to this tonight and of course, I come across one of the best of all times. I will try to get back more often. Life has been a crazy mess lately. I retired on disability before the first of the year, and now I can't even find time to listen to music, or play any of my own. A wise old lady once told me when I was a deacon in a church, going to Bible college, working full time, and generally going nuts, that if you are too busy to go fishing, you are too busy. I am going to slow down and go fishing tomorrow morning, as here in the great state of MI, they say it is going to snow tomorrow night. I hate snow. But I love music, and so I am glad I came back here. I will try to make it more of a habit. Stay well.

Unknown said...

Hello there pigpen51! Do not feel ashamed...it is I that wears that cloak. I have been inconsistent to say the least...and finally the weather is turning and I just want to be outside...so who knows what will happen. But every now and then I think...Someone may like this...and here I am again...so nice of you to stop in...I so appreciate those who do...and one never knows...I may get back in the "swing" of things yet! I sure hope they are bitin' for ya! : )

Granny said...

It is only five days since your Anniversary, but you can keep the glow going. I reckon he will love it. Let us know how it went, or not.

Terry said...

And only we will know since you were sooper secret and only put it on your blog. Be sure to video it.
And what Granny said. :)

Unknown said...

Video evidence is required.

Anonymous said...

do what makes ya happiest

nice gnome house ;-)