Saturday, January 30, 2016

20th Century Man

Thank you =.T.W.=, I appreciate your participation in my little party here. Thank you kindly! p.s. The Kinks never hurt!


taminator013 said...

Really can't go wrong with the Kinks, T.W. I could never decide if my all time favorite band from the early to mid sixties was the Kinks, Animals, Stones or the Yardbirds................

Unknown said...

Those are four really strong groups to choose from, could you make it any harder on yourself? Yes, tough to pick..don't think one could.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Good question, taminator.

Let's try it this way-

Preliminary round:
Blues Breakers or Savoy Brown or Quicksilver?

Main event:
Stones or Animals?
Fleetwood Mac or Yardbirds?
Tull or Kinks?

Bonus round:
Cream or Yardbirds?
Stones or Beatles?

I hope this helps.
(There are NO wrong answers.)


taminator013 said...

Prelm - Quicksilver Can't top their cover of "Who Do You Love" Killer guitars

Main - Animals That was kind of tough.
Yardbirds hands down although I like Peter Green FM
Kinks but early Tull was really cool. Teacher, Aqualung, Locomotive Breath

Bonus - Yardbirds no question. Cream was great at the time, but I got tired of them pretty quickly. Not so with Yardbirds
Stones I loved early Beatles, too, but yeah Stones.

Okay, here's a really cool cover of Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love" by Rotary Connection. I bought the album when it came out. Minnie Ripperton of "Loving You" fame makes this really spooky sound in it that I thought was some kind of weird instrument. Cool, jazzy stuff...........

taminator013 said...

Okay, T.W., now you went and made me dig out my Savoy Brown "Hellbound Train". Hey, they weren't the winner, but I didn't say I didn't like them.........

taminator013 said...

I don't want T.W. to think that I'm not interested in what direction his musical tastes run. I was kind of wracking my brain for a while yesterday to come up with a quiz for him. For some reason I couldn't get it together. The light bulb didn't go on until this morning. DUH! He already did all the work. The perfect quiz for him would be the same one that he gave me. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess what he would pick based on his contributions and comments. I hope that he can find the time to take the quiz himself.

Preliminary round:
Blues Breakers or Savoy Brown or Quicksilver? Bluesbreakers

Main event:
Stones or Animals? Animals
Fleetwood Mac or Yardbirds? Fleetwood Mac
Tull or Kinks? Tull

Bonus round:
Cream or Yardbirds This one is tough,but Cream
Stones or Beatles? Beatles

taminator013 said...

Wait, I take back the last one. I think I remember you mentioning Stones over the Beatles in another post. I wash thinking Beatles because a lot of their songs were more melodic.

Unknown said...

You wash at the liquor store again yeah t013?

Unknown said...

Or...have you been in the potting shed with the hoe and the panama red again? lol

taminator013 said...

Good catch. Maybe I'm just washed out from our banter. Other than that I am pleading the fifth.

Or maybe it was the granny's homemade cough syrup recipe that I've been trying to replicate.....................

Unknown said...

I think I am in trouble...someone is speechless on The Penis Song...and I Dont Look Good Naked Anymore, and Older Ladies....uhoh...what have I done???

Unknown said...

So sorry if I have washed you out...poor thing... : (