Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stompin' At The Savoy~~St. Louis Blues~~Boogie Woogie~~In The Mood


skybill said...

Hi Miss Lisa,
"Play it again!!!" I remember as a little kid (I was born in '45) Goodman, Miller, Shaw, Kenton all those were on the radio------(Television was still a ways down the road!!) Those were the days!! Jack Benny, Edger Bergan and Charlie McCarhy, The Shadow, Gene Autrey's Melody Ranch with Pat Butrum and "Amos and Andy!!!" The Music, The shows, I was 8 years old (1953) before my family got a TV set!!
Blue skies,
PS. G.M's. "In The Mood" is still "TOPS" with me !!!!

Wrekreation said...