Monday, January 18, 2016

Have You Ever Seen The Rain~~Slow Ride

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taminator013 said...

One of my favorite CCR tunes. Okay,some CCR trivia: They were named Golliwogs before they were CCR. There was a band in the Pittsburgh area back in the early/mid sixties called The Fantastic Dee Jays who were the precursor to my beloved Swamprats and they did a song called "Fight Fire". The original was by the Golliwogs. The high point for the Dee Jays was when they opened for the Rolling Stones when they played here in 1965.

And now an interesting thing about the Fantastic Dee Jays. At least I think it's interesting. Back in the '80s Coors used the instrumental from one of their songs as background in a commercial showing people skiing and fishing in the winter. I love it when ad agencies dig up obscure songs to use. And yes, I have this album that I bought a year or two after it was released. Worth about $1800 now to collectors if it's mint. Okay, here's the tune: