Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Van Bramer Case

Ken and I have two additional members of our household, we call them "our" children, Charliegoddammit, and LegalLucy....if you read Kens blog, then you have seen the photos of them...I had never personally had a pet prior to CGD....and he and I bonded immediately...I love that big ole hunk of fur and love...and then along came Lucy...she is feisty and lovable although we can tell at some point she was abused, a true little lady tho, she runs the show, she da boss. I love them, and it would absolutely break me if something happened to them...but I know for me....2 is a limit.....I see them as little people and they need as much as a little, care, attention...

 I found this video, a few years old, and my first take was HOARDER...but as I watched, my heart and mind changed, and I see a man, with enough love, and ability to care for animals that otherwise would be left on the side of the road, or put sad is I went from my first thought to what an amazing spirit Mr. Van Bramer must have to be able to give each animal such personalized care and affection, and the work he puts in to get services and product needed to care for these poor creatures, what a heart is in that man. Is he crazy? Some might say so....I don't think so...near the end of the video, he tells a short story about a man meeting St. Peter at the Golden Gates...and I think that it is an awesome summarization of this story and his work.

 If you have an hour, check this out....I am a girl, and it made me cry a couple of times...but it also opened my eyes about a few things...the last ten minutes or so of the video is a repeat of the beginning so it's not a full hour....but check it out if you can, or if you have heard about it....let me know what you think....I would sure be interested to know.



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