Friday, February 5, 2016

An Evening With The Allman Brothers Band

I saw the Allman Bros at the Wiltern Theater during this tour.
Our seats were in front of the sound board, dead center of the room.
God DAMN it was loud! 
Note Dickey and Warren Haynes trading licks, and Gregg in fine voice. They played their asses off- tight, clean and professional, they were at the top of their game. 
I figure they brought about twice as much sound reinforcement as absolutely necessary. (Or maybe they were using Spinal Tap's amps.) Sounded good even out in the lobby though...
I was encouraged to see lots of young people at this show, not just old fossils such as myself. There may be hope for the future.
This is my favorite Allman Bros album. The mix here is damn near perfect, maybe better than at the gig. (Did I mention it was really, really loud?) It is superior(IMO)to some of the older live recordings.
*Ducks for cover*



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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing with us T.W., I like to put the story with the music, really makes it all the better.