Friday, March 25, 2016

Poll Results **New Poll** To The Right--->>>To The RIght--->>> snicker : P

Here it is..let us have our own election...who would you vote for right now, with all the information you have been provided, and researched on your own....Trump, Hillary, Cruz, Sanders or Wirecutter 2016?

Our last poll, posed the serious question....Would You Rather?  The choices were as follows:
1.  Magic Carpet Ride                                                          0 Votes
      I must I admit, I am surprised.
2.  Have Dinner with Queen or/other Notable figure..      0 Votes
      No surprises, I wouldn't pick this either.
3.  Go To The Moon                                                              2 Votes
      Nice, I hope it happens for you!!
4.  Be Granted 3 Wishes                                                     14 Votes
      This was the winner of the choice.
5.  Get A Second Chance At One Thing...You Pick.          2 Votes
      This one, actually hurt my heart.  Though only two people  
       voted for it. I am a romantic at heart...and I do have an 
       active imagination...and so my first thought is this....

Thank you for playing!!! : )  I hope all your dreams come true and each of you get 3 wishes, then those of you that want to can go to the moon, and those that have one thing they want a do over on, have that opportunity as well.  : )


hiswiserangel said...

I was one of the two.

Unknown said... there are 3...It's a wild crazy world out there! Who knows what could happen? LMAO!!!

Heathen said...

The man just retired,and now you want to put him back out working ? HaH !

BTW, so far I'm all alone in my vote.

Unknown said...

You don't look to be alone now....Naww, I'm not ready to get rid of him...I like having him around...but I am a woman, it is my prerogative to change my : P