Saturday, July 23, 2016


On our drive the other day, we went through a small town, Hartsville, TN and these were a few of the buildings in the downtown area....I love the old brick... The power lines can detract from the beauty of the buildings, but then again, it speaks of growth, and advancement for this community, and so I guess, it isn't all bad.  Now just a couple streets over were Antebellum homes, and homes that were amazingly still standing, and occupied.  Out of respect for the people living in them, I did not take photo's of them.

I took this photo, because it made me think that, no matter what you try to cover it with, spackle, makeup, mortar, paint, true beauty really is under all that surface "stuff"....or that is how I see this photo and humanity.  The cracks, the age, the discolorations, the imperfections...are the stuff of true beauty.

Again, some were through the windshield....I just like the character of the place.


Chickenmom said...

Great photos, Lisa. I love going through older small towns. And when I can't, I go on Google Earth and wander around the side streets. Beautiful, beautiful old homes and buildings! :o)

BWBandy said...

Love the older brick buildings.

Terry said...

nice pics, My Uncle Bill was born in Hartsville in 1921. He was a USMC tanker in the South Pacific during WW II and was very active in veterans affairs in Nashville. RIP Uncle Bill.