Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rocked From Another Country

Wrekreation, I agree, a very surprising performance!  It has a wonderful ethereal yet soulful sound to it...I enjoyed it very much!! 
Thank you for the share! 

Did a little looking and found a few notables for the artists involved....There are of course many more...this is a small sampling.


BarbaCat said...

Really, really GOOD!

BWBandy said...

Interesting post. Enjoyed this.

Unknown said...

Thank you, I am happy that you both enjoyed it. I did as well, so I thank also is always a wonderful thing to find new and interesting music..and searching it out even though online, reminds me of being in an old record store flipping through the albums....all that is missing is the plastic film covering the albums and the smell of dust...but the thrill is the same!