Thursday, January 21, 2016

Democrats Hold Massive Rally For Hillary


Granny said...

Thank the diety there aren't any ayrabs around or they would be truly rooted.*
* Australian for fucked. berry phunny.
Could I please ask you if you or any of the gang know how I can get a CD of Jefferson Airplanes' Surrealistic Pillow? I enjoy the 'B' side, especially the final two tracks. Hauntingly beautiful. The whole album is great, and Grace Slick was transcendent.
I'm currently listening to Eagles. So great to have such great songs on hand.

Lisa Lane said...

Granny, Amazon has the Jefferson Airplane CD you want, you can even get the mp3 which downloads directly to your computer so you wont have to wait for delivery. Here is the link,

If you have Amazon Prime you can listen to is for free...anyway, go check it out...