Sunday, January 3, 2016

For Your Listening Pleasure

Just wanna thank you all for playing my little game with me. I really enjoyed it! It's pretty funny to see what other's come up with...and we have barely scratched the surface. So, I had soooo much fun with that one, I am going to come up with any ideas? Toss em in the ring, I really get a kick out of the interaction...You will be the first to know when I figure out the next game...get ready!


pigpen51 said...

Bad song for daddy daughter dance.
Bad song for first date.
for high school graduation
to set the mood for wedding night romance.
slasher film attack scene

Unknown said...

I had thought of the Daddy Daughter dance, but am a little afraid of the Pervs comin out...but what the hell is wrong with a little perv every now and then right? LMAO...trying to get a meme made for that.....will let you know. Thanks for the suggestions...