Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy Days Are Here Again, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox NAMF!

handiman3736, this one would be a bad thing for sure...l0l, thank you for sharing. Digger, you are correct sir, not good for a cremation. LOL or for a blind swampfox, You are the second person who wants to be stood up at his own funeral...ewwww


Jeffery in Alabama said...

I like Joe. As of late he has been doing some Bluegrass and Gospel, etc. A fairly recent song is "Route 5 Box 109". It is a song that I can really connect with. There is a local station that plays classic country from the fifties-nineties and also have a great weekly show called "Bluegrass Saturday Night". It WQAH Big Country out of Cullman, AL. They play Joe's stuff quite often. Here is a link to the sing I mentioned earlier.

Lisa Lane said...

Thanks Jeffery in Alabama, I enjoyed the song, and I will be checking out the radio station. I enjoy Bluegrass and Gospel as well...and Joe has never hurt my ears none thank you!

Jeffery in Alabama said...

You are welcome. I just noticed that the word sing in the last sentence of my post should be song. I'm all thumbs at this late hour. LOL! Also, I think you will enjoy 105.7 WQAH. I listen some during the week, but almost always on Saturday night.