Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mix - Blucas - Setting Sun/Painting Break

This is a mix, right after I started back here...a friend sent a link on a comment, and I am not sure if it was just the song Setting Sun by Blucas...which I had never heard....and loved, instantly...but when I went back to find it again...I came across a mix...and I'll tell you what, I have listened to this mix over and over and over again...this is it...if I have done it right....I am so sure you are going to just love it...the lone guitar on the front just struck me as so singular...lonely...but just so strikingly beautiful in that...kind of like the blues, like jazz itself.

I am ready to start a painting, it's in my head....and I am using this mix to set the tone if you will, so my fingers are going to be otherwise occupied for a few days....I have left lots of good stuff here, please enjoy...and I'll be baaaccckk. Really bad joke...a minihaha..if you will. When I take a break, I'll check for comments, so if you want to leave one, super...but I may/may not be posting anything for a few days.

Thanks for all your visits, it's actually quite nice to know that someone is enjoying the same tunes I am listening to, having something in common with a complete stranger is still somehow a connection, and it is sincerely a wonderful thing. Thanks so much for sharing your music with me, it has brightened my life.

Have a fabulous day! Keep those toes a tappin! ; ) Lisa

 p.s. Here is the link to the Setting Sun Blucas Mix just in case I didn't get it right up there....seriously check it out...AWESOME!

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