Monday, January 4, 2016

New Game...Name A Song, NOT To Play For The Father Daughter Dance At Her Wedding!



taminator013 said...

Captain & Tennille - "Do That To Me One More Time"

Unless you are from West Virginia, Kentucky or Tennessee.............

drjim said...

ANY rap song about women, as they usually involve "slap", "bitch", "ho", and other impolite words.

Hell....make that any rap song, PERIOD!

willysgoatgruff said...

back door man...Howlin' wolf

pigpen51 said...

the girl is mine michael jackson and paul mccartney
don't give me no lines and keep your hands to yourself.
tonights the night rod stewart
me and mrs.jones billy preston?
venus frankie valli
the list could go on and on. too much fun.

pigpen51 said...

one more
once, twice, three times a lady, lionel richie and the commodores