Saturday, January 16, 2016

Playboy~~Soul Connection~~Then He Kissed Me

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taminator013 said...

Here's a bit of music trivia for you about The Crystals. One of their biggest hits, "He's A Rebel", was actually recorded by The Blossoms and credited to The Crystals. Producer Phil Spector heard that Vikki Carr was getting ready to record it and wanted to have The Crystals release it first. Since they were on tour at the time he brought in The Blossoms, who did back up on some Crystals songs, and had them record it. It was then released as a Crystal's song. The song ended up going to #1, but The Blossoms never got credit and were only paid a session fee for the recording. The Crystals also weren't happy about this.

Okay, here's a song that I really like by The Blossoms that not a lot of people have ever heard.