Tuesday, January 5, 2016

There Comes A Time....


Granny said...

Hi Lisa,
I had to share this with someone. Two years ago I bought a Tahitian Lime tree. At that time it was only abut 2' tall.
This week I was marveling at how much it had grown (up to the roof line) and wondered when it would finally throw some fruit. The deluge of rain we had over the holidays must have woken it up because not only are there over 25 new branch lets bursting out all over it, but there are 9 blossoms hidden away under the leaves. What a wonderful surprise as it wasn't expected to do much for another 2 or three years. Plenty of limes for Mar gan ritas and G&Ts.

Lisa Lane said...

That is a wonderful surprise Granny! You are right Mar gran ritas Gin and Tonics, Mojito's...what time do you serve drinks? They all sound so good...and knowing they are made from your fruit...that's awesome!

Our neighbor has a lemon tree that hangs over the fence, which I don't mind a bit, because I like lemon in my hot tea...so we just run out to the back yard and grab a few..fresh lemon and chicken...yum...you are gonna love those Tahitian Limes! Good on you...glad the rain did not get those blossoms!