Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy 4th Of July Weekend

My goodness, small town living is sweet.  Today, we sat on the porch listening to the local radio station, and they had the for sale broadcast...only local numbers allowed, and sectioned it off in categories....real estate, auto/machinery, critter corner, etc...It was great fun actually....listening to some of the things for sale, the goats, the jack and jennies, the tractor I drank my coffee on the back porch....Does life get any better than this?

Well, yes, I guess it does.....this evening we needed to run into town for a couple of things and noticed that there were cars parked all along the main road, with people sitting in lawn chairs with ice chests, and children running around.  People were at every intersection, walking in the crosswalks...I said to Ken,  I hope we are not interrupting a parade, and looked around for floats or something... But nope....not a one.... ; P

Then Ken spotted an area roped off with what looked like construction yellow tape...and all kinds of fireworks were set up....apparently they were having a fireworks display tonight because rain is expected on the 4th ....and the whole town showed up for it....or so it seemed. 

Home....there is no place like it!


Granny said...

Happy Birthday America!

Lisa Lane said...

Thank you Granny! ; )