Friday, February 22, 2013

Hot or Not Selection

Ok ladies, and I suppose some gents. ahem. the question is Hot or Not?


hiswiserangel said...

Hot. Oh yeah. Muy caliente.

Deb said...

He's hotter than that tattoo thing you made Ken post, but it can get hotter.

Try again.

wirecutter said...

Doesn't do a thing for me. What can I say?

MissK said...

Cool, I know this guy. Marco Dapper, better known as Carmine Basco from The Young & The Restless.

Yeah he's hot, posted a couple of him before.... 2 pretty good shots in this post

Sad to say ladies, he IS gay. Oh well, still Eye Candy ;-)

Congrats on your new blog MissLisa..
Have Fun :-)

missred said...

too sloppy. not hot