Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tic Tic Boom

Ok, quick story about my youngest son Art, he is a big guy...and his heart is just as big. He had his first airplane ride about a month ago, from TN to CA..oh and he is 26 years old.  Anywho, he is coming out to CA...and he gets on the plane, the stewardess and the person sitting next to him, can see he is looking just a bit they try talking to him, telling him to just sit back close his eyes...yada yada...Apparently that is not doing the trick so the stewardess brings him a couple of cranberries, he took a couple nerve pills prior to boarding on my advice...well...then.....the stewardess decides to hang with him..after the drinks...she moves the passenger so she can sit and talk with him.

Of course Ken and I also teased him a bit the day before and told him if anyone boards talking about Ali hu immediately get OFF the plane...Ken and I are just sitting at home really getting a chuckle out of teasing him....We also warned him about crash only get one shot! : P

Sooooo, the plane takes off, the drinks take effect....and he makes it safely to LA where he to go.

The sweet stewardess passes on the info to the next group of attendants that a difficult flyer is coming aboard.....they try to ply him with crackers and peanuts and soda...but once the plane takes off...a gentleman   that looks to be of Arabic descent walks down the aisle...and my son.....jumps up into the aisle...yelling TIC TIC BOOM people...TIC TIC BOOM.....!!!!!

He did make it...all in one piece...LOL....but says he will never fly again....

Proud Mother

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