Saturday, November 28, 2015

I Can't Feel My Face

I can feel the beat on this one....Ken and I even danced to it one night, I had closed myself up in my room with a quart of Jack and turned up the music...he came in and actually danced to it...lmao...poor man he tried so HARD to keep the is the deal...the words are STUPID! The song is vapid at I looked up the video to see what the deal was...well damn....a dude is dancing, chicks are throwing alcohol on him, then Caitlyn Jenner throws a lighter on him and sets his silly ass on fire...He keeps singing and dancing like he is Fred Astaire. Now tell me how this benefits the demographic it is aimed towards...and is it too soon to mention Michael Jackson and flames here? Not a positive message in my opinion. The Weekend..the group...good sound, love the guys teeth, cute guy, BAD hair do....but really is it cool to burn till you are a melted pile of goo on the floor? Well, I think NOT! I bet if he drank those drinks she was throwing at him and then slipped, fell down and smashed his face on the curb, he wouldn't be able to feel his face either, at least for a while...and the outcome would be a whole lot better than that melted pile of goo! It would also make a great PSA for the youth today about the dangers of drinking, smoking, and fire. Pay attention people...snicker, Just trying to get my PC on.

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