Monday, November 30, 2015

Wasted Time....I prefer this to The Eagles

I went this morning for another injection in my eye, and on the way home, my ears were blessed with this. Poor Ken had the pleasure of my accompaniment. : P


Anonymous said...

good version.. i like it.. thanks
i'll snag it later..

livin to ride

taminator013 said...

Every time I listen to this song I think of Ken. The only reason is that it's called "Barbed Wire Heart". I know he doesn't have one of those, though. He's a real softy inside. Gruff, but lovable.........................

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
After being directed here via Angel's site I wanted to welcome you to "whatever this type of expression is" Guess it's a BLOG. The cyber neighborhood sure has some weird expressions.
Eye injection !! I remember those times. Not to many things scarier.
So glad you have a wonderful support system.
Earlier today I listened to some of the musical links. Thanks for some new stuff to entertain us on a very, very cold day. (Central Oregon)
Looking forward to your outlook on all the topics you are fond of.
Take care of you sight.

Unknown said...

Taminator013, I like Barbed Wire Heart....thanks for sharing! Terry, there are some "different" expressions for but that's what keeps life interesting...
Glad you came back livin....sshhhh